Thanks for visiting my site! I should start this section by thanking my wonderfully supportive wife – Louella, for letting me quit my job at the end of 2011 to pursue my passion of becoming a Chef. Yes, I am a lucky man! This is my first attempt at a website and at an entrepreneurial venture as owner of a business.  No doubt there will be learning on both counts, so there will be bugs to work out. It is first and foremost a site to promote my love of cooking and all things food related. You often hear stories of people who “can’t believe they get up every morning and do what they love to do”, I feel that way about cooking.  So stay a while and look around. Send me your comments, I will respond to them. 

My Training:

Chef Josh and me2

Chef Josh and me

I spent 12 months in two schools,  about 12 hours a day and 6 days a week for most of the time.  Fuelled by my passion for learning and honing what I already knew.  I was fortunate enough to have some brilliant dedicated instructors at both George Brown College and Liaison College. At Liaison, Chef Josh Heuvelmans, a classically trained and skilled Master Chef, opened my eyes to the importance of patience and the “why” behind the processes, what makes it a classical French sauce as opposed to a gravy.  

Chef Brenda and Me 2

Me with Chef Brenda

At George Brown, Chef Brenda Torrens, a skilled and talented Pastry Chef, is the reason I am so passionate about baking. Her ability to make anything she does look easy and effortless humbles even the most experienced student. There is always a reason why something doesn’t turn out the way it should – an ‘aha!’ moment that she gets you to discover for yourself. 

I owe them much more than my thanks for keeping me in line (it’s hard to break old habits) and helping me further discover the culinary world. I still have a tough time figuring out where my true heart lies, with the elegance of a fine meal or the science of a perfect dessert. One thing is for sure, nothing brings me greater pleasure than being in my kitchen.

My Offering:

In addition to my passion for creating great meals, I am passionate about service. From small intimate gatherings with the elegance of a plated meal to larger buffet style service, we offer a selection of hors d’oeuvres, 3 or 4 course sit-down plated meals, desserts and platters. We customize our dishes to the event as some things are best only in small quantities.  So take a look around, if you see something you like, let me know, but don’t limit yourself to what you see. “Inspired by you, created by me” allows you the freedom to explore your inner foodie – from creating a personalized menu for your dinner party, to developing a private cooking lesson tailored to your needs. If I can’t accommodate you, I will tell you. It does me no good to tell you I can do something if I can’t.  A good reputation is critical in any industry, and the key to success and longevity. Thank you!