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Crispy Pork Belly! No, really crispy!

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m in love with crispy pork belly! Seriously, I could eat this every day – different healthy sides with it, but every day. Yes there is something about the crackle of that skin that just makes this dish one of my favorites. I’ve tried numerous recipes for getting this just right. I’ve even cheated and broiled the skin at the risk of drying out the pork just to hear that crackle in my mouth from each bite. Never quite happy with the result – always tasted great, but not always the right mouth feel. […]

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Pasta Carbonara with Fava Bean Puree

Once again, my wonderful wife surprised me with a lesson with an Italian Chef. Senora Adler Bonavera is the Chef, Patronne and Sommelier of Il Duca di Orvieto. She provides cooking lessons to professional Chef’s and also to serious foodie tourists. The techniques she teaches (and stories she tells), you can’t learn in school. Only years of practice and a love for the art will carry you through as many years of success as she has been a Chef. She was assisted by her Sous Chef’s – Almir, a talented young man, classically trained from Greece, and Leo, also skilled […]

5 Tips for Eating Well While at School!

Well it’s the last few days before school starts, but not the end of summer. It will never get easy to see your kids going away to school, no matter what age. So, if you are going away to school or the parent of someone going away to school, read on. For many parents this is a time of angst as your babies will be on their own, some many miles away. What are they going to eat? How will they survive without you? Well calm down, you have brought them this far and they want to/are going to further […]

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A few days (not enough) in Montreal!

Yes, we went to Montreal for a few days.  Fortunate enough to have our daughter and son join us – a real treat.  So much to tell you about this beautiful city – most importantly, the culture and food.  It almost felt like we were back in Paris.  Old Montreal is absolutely beautiful.  The choice of places to eat and things to do is endless.  We hadn’t been there in over 20 years so it was a long overdue trip back. Some of the highlights, the Marche Jean Talon.  Truly a must see if in the city.  I found these beautiful purple […]

Markets and Baguette 101

The final posting about France. I know, a bit like having to watch other people’s vacation pictures! But this is a good one. I love the European lifestyle. They shop daily – no grocery stores like we have here (except for maybe the Mono Prix style department stores). Small store fronts that seem to go on forever towards the back, and that carry items in every available space. But the real joy is the farmers markets that appear and disappear within the same amount of time. Fresh produce seems abundant. Heirloom tomatoes, White asparagus, Baby asparagus (which looks like a stalk […]

Fine Dining in Paris!

Since becoming a Chef, one of the things I immediately put on my bucket list was to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant. Now I’ve always been a foodie, and of course heard and seen pictures and read reviews of the food served in these fine establishments, so I’ve always known about them. But I also knew we didn’t have any in Canada so just put it out of my mind. I don’t know why we don’t have any Michelin starred restaurants in Canada. We certainly have world class Chef’s here – Lynn Crawford, Chuck Hughes and Mark McEwen to […]

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Paris 2014 – Un Bon Voyage!

OMD (like OMG but in French!!). My wife and I were away for a few days. We were in Paris and let me tell you – the food was amazing! Oh yes there were museums, history, culture, cafés, the very civilized Metro (subway) system, the wonderful people and did I mention the food! Our typical morning would begin with a croissant and coffee (but was soon upped to almond croissants and coffee only before getting to chocolate croissants and coffee).   Really anything we have here in Toronto in the way of croissants and pastries would pale by comparison. With all […]

Part 1 – The Baking Pantry cont’d – Tools and Equipment

This is the second half of Part 1 – The Baking Pantry.  This article will speak specifically to tools and equipment I have in my Baking Pantry. Again, working in someone else’s kitchen you see the tools they use and can make notes to add items to your collection or – if they aren’t foodies, add to theirs. Build your inventory over time, don’t rush out and buy them all at once (unless you want to). As said, I’ve built this up over most of my adult life buying things as I needed them, then wondering how I ever did without them […]

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What’s in your Pantry? Part 1 – The Baking Pantry – Supplies

I often get asked what I keep in my pantry.  My answer is usually explained in 3 parts just as  my pantry items are – Freezer, Cooking and Baking pantries.  When I visit family and friends, I’ll often take over – I mean, ask if they need help in the kitchen, and if I’m lucky enough that they say yes, I’m right there (you know my love of cooking so I really don’t consider this work at all).  I could spend days in the kitchen and not realize how much time I’ve spent there.  But spending time in someone else’s kitchen is when you […]

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Back to School Lunch ideas!

Okay, so mine are grown up and even though I do prepare the odd work lunch for them (when they are home), there isn’t a pressing need for me to ensure they eat everything.  They are grown ups and I’ve done my part, now it’s up to them!  So, for those of you with little ones, or even those that want some variety with office lunches, here’s a great website with some amazing ideas for lunches.  I track a lot of sites and some of them have pretty creative – but I couldn’t see my kids getting excited over, ideas for lunch, […]

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