Fast and Easy – Raw Beet and Herb Salad

As the days get warmer, we want to spend less time in the kitchen. That is unless you like being in the kitchen as much as I do. Regardless of […]

Fast and Easy – Eggs in Tomato Curry

This is a recipe adapted from “Classic Indian Cooking” by Julie Sahni. I love the flavors of this recipe. I love the flexibility of this recipe. It makes a great […]

Macanese style Meatloaf

Sometimes you come across a recipe which makes perfect sense and makes you think “why didn’t I do that?” This is one of those recipes. Imagine meatloaf – not the […]

Crispy Pork Belly! No, really crispy!

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m in love with crispy pork belly! Seriously, I could eat this every day – different healthy sides with it, but every day. Yes […]

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Pan Fried Sole and Cole Slaw

I know it’s been a while since my last post, just getting into the summer mode. You know, I love summertime! The heat – just like my food, the hotter […]

Potato Crust Shepherd’s Pie

I was watching Jaime Oliver on TV the other day and he was making this wonderful potato crust shepherd’s pie, loved it! Simple beautiful comfort food that I just had […]

Peri Peri Yellow Perch Fillets with Za’atar Baked Cauliflower and Fennel

Here’s a doable weeknight supper that leaves lots of time for an after dinner binge on something Netflix. We did a version of this in my afternoon classes at the […]

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Gong Hay Fat Choy! Cashew Chicken!

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends – and well really anyone celebrating the incoming Year of the Monkey! May it bring joy and may you find – keep […]

CNIB Thank You Dinner in Barrie – Indian Spiced Cabbage

I was at the Loblaw’s PC Cooking School in Barrie a few nights ago. It was an incredible evening! Not because of my menu (although it was pretty good 🙂 ) […]

Goan Shrimp Curry

Goan cooking is a delicate balance of spices that provide complex tastes when combined. Actually Indian cooking – in general, is like this. Until one really understands the nuances in […]