Chocolate and Strawberries!

It’s almost here, that day when men go mad over flowers, chocolate and other things, not for themselves but to demonstrate their love for the ones they love.  Ridiculous prices loom and we (at least I) don’t usually think about prices when it comes to gifts for my wife. I’m very lucky though that my wife doesn’t believe in Valentine’s […]

Twining’s London Strand Earl Grey Tea Cookies

I had the pleasure of being the Chef for a Twining Tea inspired menu at the PC Cooking School (in Bayview Village). I met Stephen Twining, a 10th generation of the Twining family. He knows his tea! No, he really knows his tea – you might say “it’s in his blood!” The Twining family has been in the tea trade […]

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Olive Oil Cake with Habanero-Pineapple Jam

Family Day, you have to love this holiday! Had the family over this weekend! What a treat when your grown kids come back home with their friends and you can relive those days when weekend breakfasts were a large part of your morning! I do miss them when they are away, but happy that they are making their own lives. […]

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Gong Hay Fat Choy! Cashew Chicken!

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends – and well really anyone celebrating the incoming Year of the Monkey! May it bring joy and may you find – keep – spread happiness and good health! Getting ready for the big day is a lot of work. You don’t have time to fuss over things so if you are looking […]

Couple of Hits!

Okay, I’ve really been busy.  In addition to all the extra extra time put into the PC Insiders Boutique in November and December, I did manage to do a radio interview on a local station.  It’s so hard to say local when the station is available on the web – in really any country that has internet access.  Yes there is […]

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Italy meets India! A gourmet fusion class!

For those of you that haven’t heard, I’m doing this fusion style class with my good friend Chef Maria Marotta. We’ve taken some tasty treats from both countries and combined them – flavors and textures, to tantalize and delight your taste buds. Our menu consists of Naan Bruschetta – no not just any tomato topping on this handmade beauty. While […]

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Pride Week!

Yes it’s that time of year again, so I’m presenting you with this colorful treat. A twist on the traditional rice krispy squares. The recipe comes from a site called ““. I’m doing a class at the PC Cooking School at Maple Leaf Gardens this coming week – that’s in the heart of Pride festivities and wanted something just as colorful as […]

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Pan American Food Festival

I had the pleasure of participating as a Chef in the Pan American Food Festival this weekend.  This is an annual event but my first time with them.  I had the pleasure of assisting some Master Chef’s – Norman van Aken from the US, Roger Arakaki from Peru, and Rich Francis from our home and native land.  To see these masters remain cool and calm given […]

A few days (not enough) in Montreal!

Yes, we went to Montreal for a few days.  Fortunate enough to have our daughter and son join us – a real treat.  So much to tell you about this beautiful city – most importantly, the culture and food.  It almost felt like we were back in Paris.  Old Montreal is absolutely beautiful.  The choice of places to eat and things to […]

Markets and Baguette 101

The final posting about France. I know, a bit like having to watch other people’s vacation pictures! But this is a good one. I love the European lifestyle. They shop daily – no grocery stores like we have here (except for maybe the Mono Prix style department stores). Small store fronts that seem to go on forever towards the back, […]