“Caffins” – March Break Baking Activity!

    It is March break and all the kids are off – but you know that. If you didn’t go away, you probably have them all with you in the house. So keep them busy by getting them to make their own batches of these “caffins” (cake + muffins). I couldn’t think of what else to call these rich […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #12 – World Peace Cookies (by Dorie Greenspan)

  Christmas Cookie #12 – World Peace Cookie by Dorie Greenspan. A perfect way to finish off the 12 cookies and think of the beauty and joy this season brings to us. This is mostly her writing of the recipe from her blog, with my comments in italics. She explains it beautifully and I could in no way come close […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #11 – Soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

I really have a soft spot for sugar cookies, but not the crispy kind, I like them soft and chewy. Don’t get me wrong, if they are the crispy kind, I just need some coffee to dunk them in and then I’m fine – yes, I’m a dunker. But when I get them like this, I could sit there and […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #10 – Chocolate Christmas Cookie

Okay, it’s a couple of (maybe one) day left for Christmas. I have two cookies left to meet my 12 cookies objective. You know as an ex-banker it’s all about meeting targets! So I came across this recipe from the LA Times, a contest winner by Deborah Pappalau, which I just knew I had to make when I saw it,  Now I […]

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2016 Christmas Cookie #9 – Triple Ginger Sandwich Cookies

For this cookie (and really any spice cookie) you need the freshest spices. If your spices have been sitting around for a while – lets say for one year or so, then toss them and pick up some new ones. Small quantities only, remember it’s only a bargain if it gets used. This is nice dough and I used the large […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #8 – Bourbon Chocolate Balls

These are a favorite of mine. Mainly because I always have cake scraps in my freezer that can be used as the base. The latest came from experimenting with various sizes of cake tins – you can’t just double a cake recipe, baking is a science. It’s balance that causes a cake to rise. Some tins are too big for […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #7 – Twice Baked Shortbread

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are some recipes that just by reading them you can tell you have a winner. This is another one of those. I’ve adapted it from Alice Medrich’s Pure Dessert cookbook. Her technique of letting the dough rest in the pan for at least two hours or overnight as well as […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #6 – Spiced Date, Nut and Cheese Palmiers

Ah, cold butter, flour and ice water to bring it all together, just a pinch of salt, and yes that’s the recipe for puff pastry. That most favored, sought after and versatile of dough’s. I’m a big fan of this and when you have the time to sit around waiting for layers to form really it’s mostly sitting around waiting […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #5 – Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites

Here’s why I like this recipe. It is Christmas time, the holiday season; you are running around trying to make everything perfect for the big day. Family, good friends, food and spirits, and a time to reflect on the wonder of being able to wake up every morning and embrace the day! So, do you really have extra time to […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #4 – Bakewell Biscotti

I knew when I read this recipe that it would make a nice transition from some of the savory cookie recipes I’ve given you. This is Bakewell Biscotti, a Dominique Ansell inspired treat. A biscotti sandwich with a very decadent filling – almond cream and sweet jam – in my case genuine East Coast Partridgeberry Jam. Not too sweet, just […]