Savory Pumpkin Seed and Black Pepper Scones

We had some good friends drop by for tea the other day. I know they don’t like sweet things so I wanted a recipe for something savory to serve mid-afternoon. I say tea, but really this would have been great with coffee or wine! So this is another recipe that speaks to pumpkins and all that you can do with […]

Date and Bacon Scones

Renovations are done! I know some of you attending my classes at the Loblaw’s PC Cooking Schools have heard me speak of the process and the progress as the weeks went on. It is amazing how many things you need to pick out when you are completely renovating a bathroom (or in our case, two bathrooms). All I can say […]

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St. Patrick’s Day – Savory Irish Soda Bread

Yes, I could have done something green, but really – why?! There will be enough green things over the next few days that this doesn’t need to be. And maybe the Irish aren’t into the savory, but then you never know. This is a lovely soda bread recipe. I like it because it used a combination of flours – all-purpose, […]

Chia and Coconut Breakfast Cookies

Do you like chewy or crunchy? I’m a chewy kind of guy! Oh there are times when I will do crunchy – like when you want to dunk something in coffee – biscotti is a good example (really any biscuit – I’m also a dunker). But if I’m going to be having something on it’s own, give me chewy please. […]

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Zucchini Bread

My friend Maria – a wonderful Italian Chef, came over the other day. We are doing a joint class through the PC Cooking Schools called “Italy meets India” or “Ciao Namaste!” – a fusion class of Italian and Indian food, the menu – Bruschetta topping on Naan, Butter Chicken Ravioli – home made butter chicken, hand made pasta – did […]

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All Purpose Biscuits

From the NY Times Cooking collection, I bring you Sam Sifton’s All Purpose Biscuits.  I had to try this recipe. I consider myself a pretty good biscuit maker but this recipe called for European style butter – I use this butter. Actually I use a lot of this butter – Churn 84, For baking of course, but also for sauteeing […]

Cheesy Cauliflower Bread

As if the noble cauliflower weren’t already engrained into our diet. In addition to boiling, broiling and roasting, here’s another great way to enjoy this cruciferous vegetable. I’ve adapted this recipe from the Loblaw site. It tastes great as presented in the recipe but of course I made two batches and adapted one to my taste. Try both, try one, […]

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It’s all about the taste… Banana Bread!

When my wife and I were in Paris last year, I did a baking course. Nothing terribly complex, but just enough to refresh my memory on the fine art of baguette making. Of course I paid attention, I asked questions, I made lots of notes on technique and timing, and then, at the end of the day, my wife and […]

Sausage, Kale and Kidney Bean Soup with Cheddar, Prosciutto Biscuits

Baby it’s cold outside!  No really cold outside!  No I don’t want to break out into a duet, it’s just cold outside. And if one more person tells me “it’s Canada”, I really will explode. I know it’s Canada, I’ve spent nearly all my life here. It doesn’t help. Now hot soup, that will help! So warm things up with […]

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Maple Apple Cinnamon Buns

This is from the 2015 Foodland Ontario calendar, but so good, you must make it this weekend for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. You will be a star, a hero, a trend setter in the annals (yes it’s spelled correctly!) of parent life, okay that’s one of my Christmas wishes! Nice thing about this recipe – and there are so […]