Chickpea Bites

This is a wonderfully tasty hors d ‘oeuvre, bursting with flavor in every bite. It’s versatile so you can make it with really any type of bean. I’m using canned […]

2016 Christmas Cookie #6 – Spiced Date, Nut and Cheese Palmiers

Ah, cold butter, flour and ice water to bring it all together, just a pinch of salt, and yes that’s the recipe for puff pastry. That most favored, sought after […]

Smoked Duck Breast with Maple Caramelized Onions

I had the opportunity to do a dinner class for some wonderful folks that own King Cole Ducks. Really the dinner at their “Duck School” was open to the public. […]

Crispy Pork Belly! No, really crispy!

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m in love with crispy pork belly! Seriously, I could eat this every day – different healthy sides with it, but every day. Yes […]

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Tahini, Goat Cheese and Eggplant Hors d ‘Oeuvre

Your new favorite summer hors d ‘oeuvres is here. Yes, as the outdoor entertaining season approaches, we want to get as much done in the kitchen as we can before […]

Superbowl Snack!

We are doing a Vendor Sponsored class this week at the PC Cooking Schools. Little Bear is the sponsor and we made a couple of dishes using Kale and Collard […]

Salmon Puffs – An Hors d ‘Oeuvres for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So much to be thankful for isn’t there. Not the big things you have around you, but the things you can’t put value on – parents, siblings, […]

What to do, what to do? Smoked Salmon Leftovers?!

At a recent celebration at our place, my niece brought over a delightful smoked salmon hors d ‘oeuvres (pictured below) to our house. Beautifully made phyllo pastry tarts, a container […]

Nachos with a twist for tonight’s game!

I hear there’s a game on tonight! I say this, tongue in cheek as I’m really not a big fan of watching the game, most definitely the half time show […]

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The many uses of Puff Pastry

I’m a big fan of puff pastry.  I love making it from scratch – I know, some people don’t – but I do, go figure! The texture of the raw […]