We are doing a Vendor Sponsored class this week at the PC Cooking Schools. Little Bear is the sponsor and we made a couple of dishes using Kale and Collard Greens. I know, we didn’t really need another way to serve Kale but none the less, it was good. I wanted to make the soup at home and picked up some Kale and Collard Greens and made the soup – delicious (of course I put a twist on it – recipe will follow). But then I had about 5 large Collard Green leaves left over – what to do, what to do!

I wanted to release a Superbowl snack themed blog and thought how could I use these to make a snack? Well here’s what I did. This is a must try and really in the first pass stage so there’s lots of room for you to be creative and use alternate items. Pictures speak louder than words, and there are pictures below. The collard chips – much like kale chips but so much easier to make. Bake them then break them up or leave them whole. If you sprinkle some with cheese, cut it up and serve it nacho style. Recipe ideas below.

Collard Green Chips
Why? Well, easier to work with than kale, they taste better, they cook faster, they are much larger so no fussing around with little bits of kale, you can put toppings like cheese on them – think nacho’s etc. So here’s the recipe.

1 bunch or however many you’d like to consume – Collard greens, washed and dried, middle rib removed
¼ cup olive oil

Toppings such as – but definitely not limited to:
Salt and pepper – go easy on the salt, it doesn’t need much
Chili powder
Cheese – I used an edam/cheddar blend

Dry the collard leaves
Brush with olive oil
Sprinkle a topping on each
Bake at 330f for 10 minutes – that’s it – no really, that’s it
Take a look below!

Stuffed Collard Greens
Collard leaves, washed and dried, middle rib removed
Spicy Soppresatta slices
Olive oil, salt and pepper

Lay the half collard green leaf on a cutting board
Put a piece of Soppresatta in the middle, top with cheese
Fold both ends of the collard green into the middle – eggroll style, so it covers the filling
Roll up the long end and secure with a tooth pick
Brush with olive oil
Bake at 330f for 10 minutes, a few extra minutes if you want it crispier

So come Superbowl Sunday, make these! Your family will never know they are eating something that’s good for them. As always – enjoy!

CG 2

Collard green leaf with soppressata and cheese. Waiting to be rolled and pinned tight!

CG 3

Fold the left side over…

CG 4

Fold the right side over – really how easy could this be…

CG 5

Whole leaves brushed with olive oil – sprinkled with (from left to right) – cayenne, zaatar, and salt and pepper – ready for the oven,

CG 8

Changed my mind on the topping and added cheese to one, but this is after 10 minutes at 330f. Crispy large leaves, the cheese ones cut nicely into pieces and the rolls had a really nice texture to them, some crisp-some chewiness.

CG 7

The cross-section shot! Really there is cheese in there as well as the soppressata!

CG 6

Don’t laugh, those are the collard green tough stems in a vase – with a rose, in a vase! I’m channeling my inner Martha!