Okay, I’ve really been busy.  In addition to all the extra extra time put into the PC Insiders Boutique in November and December, I did manage to do a radio interview on a local station.  It’s so hard to say local when the station is available on the web – in really any country that has internet access.  Yes there is an audience here, but I thought it would be good to share a bit of my Goan heritage with you. Radio Mango, FM 101.3, is a multi-cultural station that dedicates a couple of hours a week to those of Goan descent.  I say that because the show is broadcast in Konkani, a native language of Goan’s – those of us from Goa (google it, it’s like paradise!).

Sadly, I don’t speak Konkani so my interviewers were forced to speak to me in English.  It was a lot of fun to do and I have to thank my good friend Lisette for the introduction.  The Producer/Host, Milena Marques-Zachariah and the Director/Co-host, Alan Sequeira, were very professional and have clearly been doing this for a while. Their ability to put me at ease in front of a microphone was greatly appreciated.  I’m providing a link below.

And, a delightful visitor to the PC Insiders Boutique videotaped her visit and happened to capture some of my dinner presentation. Her link is below –