For those of you that haven’t heard, I’m doing this fusion style class with my good friend Chef Maria Marotta. We’ve taken some tasty treats from both countries and combined them – flavors and textures, to tantalize and delight your taste buds. Our menu consists of Naan Bruschetta – no not just any tomato topping on this handmade beauty. While I make the flatbreads, Maria dices up some seasonal veggies – zucchini, eggplant and much more, and finishes it off with a wonderful surprise to bring it all together. The hot naan are topped with the filling and – oh yes, please use a fork and knife to eat this. You won’t want to waste a bite!

Our main is butter chicken ravioli. The process starts early in the afternoon for us, as the spices in the butter chicken sauce (yes this is one of the few times you will see me refer to curry as sauce!) as well as the marinated chunks of chicken need time to mature into a harmonious blend. While the chicken cooks, Maria gets going with the pasta. This is made the way her Nonna taught her. She flexes her arm muscles to show – she’s not kidding! She’s patient and thorough – dough has to be just right. Methodical as she ups the numbers on the pasta machine to get to the perfect consistency for ravioli. Maria says you should feel full but not heavy after eating pasta – I never feel full after eating her pasta, just very, very satisfied. The butter chicken is ground up in the processor to a coarse but smooth texture – no chunks that could break through the pasta, then encased in the precious pasta and cooked. We serve this one plate at a time fresh off the pot with additional butter chicken on the side – as there is no other way to enjoy this. Delicious!

For dessert, Mango Kulfi – ice cream really. This will soon become your favorite go to summer recipe. It just needs time in the freezer to set. To accompany this, Maria shows you how to make the most delicious almond brittle using a few simple ingredients and technique that will make this a staple in your house – it already is in mine! It’s the technique that’s important here.

We’re doing this class in a number of locations of the PC Cooking School in the GTA. This is more than just a cooking class demonstration. You will hear stories and anecdotes from her childhood, learn about olive oils and Indian spices and most importantly techniques used to get the right taste. There are no secrets in cooking – good food is meant to be shared. You get our recipes that we have been making for our family and friends. I love doing this class! I don’t think I could ever get tired of the bruschetta, the ravioli or the ice cream with brittle. So come to learn, come to have fun – but most importantly – come for the food! Pictured below – our creations!

Coming to a Loblaw’s PC Cooking School near you. You must register in person or online ( to attend:
September 24th – Newmarket
September 30th – Gibb St., Oshawa
October 6th – Argentia Rd. Mississauga
October 13th – Markham
October 22nd – Glen Erin, Mississauga
October 23rd – Forest Hill, Toronto
October 26th – Heartland, Mississauga
October 27th – Scarborough
November 2nd – Uxbridge
November 12th – Weston Rd, Toronto
November 20th – Brampton
November 23rd – Bayview Village

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