As you know, I also do private lessons for anyone wishing to learn how to create great tasting food. Some start off with the basics – knife skills, stocks, soups etc., others a bit more complex – sauces, techniques. They are always fun and keep me grounded to my roots. I love the look on a student’s face when they have finished creating a meal. Cooking is an art you know – anyone who cooks with love can create a masterpiece. So here’s a special breakfast created by one of my students for his girlfriend. She loves crepes, she loves him – who better to write this blog then the student!

There are a few things in life I’m not very good at – the list includes items such as waking up early or preparing a meal that anyone aside from myself can enjoy. I usually put enough chilli powder to numb the taste of the food so I don’t think I’m going to make it on the food network anytime soon.

Lauren and I have been dating for over 6 wonderful years – I would do anything for her including trying to overcome my challenges with the above noted weaknesses. I knew I would need some help to do so – that is when I requested the help of Chef Pires. I overcame the challenge of waking up early easy enough but then came the hard part……actually preparing the meal.

To be a good teacher I know you need two things the first being patience, the second the foresight to look at the “bigger picture.” Cooking is an art and only a true artist such as Chef Pires would know that. My first few attempts at making the crepes were a stretch……even in the abstract art world I’m not sure I would get any recognition. This is when Chef Pires’s patience was helpful – he never pressured me or made me feel like I was completely off the reservation. It took a few attempts but I eventually got the hang of it (who knew making circles with batter is so challenging) and the crepes started looking like crepes. Once I was finished with the crepes he showed me how to make the stuffing (for lack of a better professional term) and the garnish. This is where the second skill for Chef Pires as a teacher came in handy – the bigger picture. He allowed me to create my own spin within the boundaries of sanity. When I deviated from his instruction a little bit he allowed me to do so – I created my own “signature” that way.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and it gave me confidence to try new things in the kitchen. Lauren was happy and she actually enjoyed eating what I created with the help of Chef Pires. I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from a great teacher.

And the recipe for the crepes:
2 large eggs
1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
1 cup flour
3 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 cup vegetable oil in a separate container

Using a whisk, stir all the ingredients together until there are no lumps
Let the batter rest, covered in the fridge 1 hour – this is critical to crepe making, it gets rid of any bubbles that may have developed during the mixing as well as gives the batter time to form
Heat a non-stick pan or regular small heavy duty pan with 2 tbsp oil over medium heat
Pour any excess oil back into the container
Pour the batter into the pan, using the ladle or by swirling the pan, spread to the desired size
Cook for 15 – 30 seconds – if it is not enough time, the crepe will fall apart or still be stuck to the bottom of the pan
Leave it for a few seconds more – count on your first 2 – 3 being delicious mistakes, this also allows you time to adjust your seasonings if needed – remember, this is a crepe, not a pancake – different batter, different look when done – remove to a plate
Put another two tablespoons of oil into the pan, swirl it around as it gets hot, pour the excess oil back into the oil container “do this before you make each crepe” – continue making crepes until all the batter is finished, lay subsequent pancakes beside, not on top of other crepes, only once they cool can you stack them without worrying about them sticking together
As always – enjoy!