I’m always looking for newish ideas to serve for hors d ‘oeuvres. I did this for a party – what a hit! Beef Tenderloin, Horseradish and Honey Mustard served on Naan triangles. So simple, and you won’t break the bank! I like my tenderloin with salt and pepper. Nothing, absolutely nothing, else. Yes you can make sauces or marinate but really, this is best enjoyed with salt and pepper alone.

There are tons of variations on this theme, some actual burgers, some open-faced. I wanted to cut down on the carbs so I made it without the top. Horseradish – get a good quality one, Honey Mustard – get a good quality one, Naan – well home baked is best. But if you can’t make it, you can always use purchased Naan. All in all a delicious bite. As always – enjoy!

1 lb Beef Tenderloin, most stores carry tenderloin steaks, just get a couple of these
salt and pepper
1/2 cup Horseradish
1/4 cup Honey Mustard
1 pkg Naan, cut to pieces just a bit bigger than your tenderloin

Heat a medium sized heavy bottom skillet over medium high heat
Brush all sides of the tenderloin with a light coating of olive oil, then salt and pepper it to taste
When the pan is good and hot, put the piece of tenderloin on to the surface – it should “s i z z l e”. If it doesn’t sizzle when you touch the surface of the steak to the pan don’t put it in – wait, be patient, it’s worth it. The sizzling creates – through the magic of the Maillard reaction, the perfect sear, that browned, caramelized, unmistakeably delicious taste that devours your senses with the first bite and lingers on your taste buds for the rest of your meal, sadly disappearing shortly after the last bite
Sear your steaks – depending on the thickness, for about 1 minute on either side – beef tenderloin is best enjoyed rare to medium rare. To cook it any more than that is a crime punishable by foodies and Chef’s all over the world
The nice thing about this cut – as well as a flank steak, is that after you cut the meat up, if it is too red inside for you (I know, really?!!), put the cut pieces back in the pan and give it a really quick sear on really high heat – I mean put it in the pan, flip it over and remove it to a plate – that’s it. Any more than that and you will be chewing leather

Take a piece of naan, drop a dollop of the mustard, top it with the tenderloin, top it with the horseradish
Arrange on a platter and watch these disappear. You don’t need anything else on top of this – you want to taste the beef, the horseradish, the mustard, the naan – in that order
For some variety, use hot mustard instead of the honey mustard – be creative!
As always – enjoy!