OMD (like OMG but in French!!). My wife and I were away for a few days. We were in Paris and let me tell you – the food was amazing! Oh yes there were museums, history, culture, cafés, the very civilized Metro (subway) system, the wonderful people and did I mention the food!

Our typical morning would begin with a croissant and coffee (but was soon upped to almond croissants and coffee only before getting to chocolate croissants and coffee).   Really anything we have here in Toronto in the way of croissants and pastries would pale by comparison. With all due respect to our boulangeries and patisseries, we are handicapped with low fat butter (really a lot of water) and flour that tastes different than ours. So if I never enjoy another croissant here again, I must be forgiven.

I took a baking class at La Cuisine while I was there (also a future blog). Just to learn some more techniques and because I really hadn’t baked bread since my days at GB. I don’t think it was laziness really but just too busy with the food end of it, not to mention cakes and cookies. So my resolution for the second half of 2014 is to bake more bread. Yes, I did bring home some flour, salt, cheese – the hard kind, spices – the Middle Eastern influence is very noticeable in the food, and of course some chocolate. Oh yes my wife also brought back some things, sadly the things she bought weren’t nearly as delicious or bulky, although I’m pretty sure dollar for dollar it was more.

We walked – about 10 km per day. Not bad since we typically walk 10 feet to the garage most days here. You really don’t notice it though. There is so much to see, so much to eat (are you getting a visual that my focus of any place I visit – anywhere, is food :)). No matter where we were though, there was always a restaurant nearby. Walking up/down the Champs, through Montmartre area, Montparnasse, the Bastille area, Notre Dame, the Seine, the Latin Quarter, the Louvre etc.

The highlights, Cobea restaurant – a future blog. A Michelin starred restaurant and worth every penny. I would not be able to do it justice as part of this blog, so please watch for it. They were kind enough to let me take pictures (with my cell phone). Service was outstanding as were the wines they paired the food with but really the presentation, the taste, the ambiance – all delightful. But then I can’t say there was a bad meal in sight no matter where we ate. And the wines, for a few euros you could get a bottle of wine that ranked in the $50 range here. Small vineyards with hundreds of years of winemaking under their belts were featured. They don’t ship their product overseas but keep it “local” for those lucky enough to live locally or for those travelers who pretend to be local – even if just for a few days. Red’s, white’s – and really making a comeback, the rose’s, all delicious and with every meal (well not breakfast, coz although someplace in the world it’s after 1, it just didn’t seem right).

In our broken French we tried and I think managed – no one laughed or scoffed or frowned at us. We were always greeted with a friendly “bonjour” – although sometimes a bit mechanical, it did remind us where we were when we walked into a store. I must have visited every grocery store in and around the Arrondissements we visited; the smaller the better. I envy the Europeans who buy food daily or as needed to prepare fresh daily. We also got to see some spectacular food markets with everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, baked goods and pastries, clothing and antiques. Oh and I forgot to mention the baguettes – what a great feeling to walk down the street with a baguette strategically wrapped for you to take home or in our case to the park, with some wine, cheese and cold cuts. This was our second time back in the city.

The last time we were here, we were with our teenage kids. It was fantastic then and we have some great memories with them, but this time – no responsibilities, no need to worry if they were having a good time or if we were getting them up to early. It was just the two of us, our schedule, and our time and yes, we’ve earned it! Oh we did miss them. I can’t remember the number of times they were referenced in those famous sentences “I bet she would really like this …” or “boy he’d enjoy this …”. So I’ve attached some pictures below.  Ahhhh Paris, we will be back!

Behind Notre Dame

Art of Chocolate 2

The Art of Chocolate!


Art of Chocolate

More Chocolate Art!

Street Musician

Great street music on the Champs!

My Favorite kind of Bunny

My Favorite kind of Bunny


Pastries 3

The reason I’m now eating salads!



Salads, salads, salads – These pastries were so delicious!

Flavored Salts

Flavored Salts – Displayed as only the French can do – classy!


Salade Nicoise

Salade Nicoise


Couldn't resist adding this picture of Sacre Coeur

Couldn’t resist adding this picture of Sacre Coeur


Selling Sunglasses

Selling Sunglasses in Paris!

Chocolate Ship

Chocolate Ship

E Dehillerin Shop

The oldest restaurant/kitchen supply store in Paris – they have everything, no really, they have everything! Julia Child even shopped here!

A Taste of Italy, in France

A Taste of Italy…. in France


Hidden Garden in the Marais District

Hidden Garden in the Marais District

Restaurant Julien

Restaurant Julien

What all the Fashionable Babies are Riding

What all the fashionable babies are riding in!


Angry Batman – even superheroes have issues!