Earlier this year I wrote a small blog about a new venture I was starting with The Riverwood Conservancy’s (TRC) “Garden to Kitchen” program as inspired by their “Enabling Garden”.  The Enabling Garden is a hands-on teaching garden that is fully accessible and innovatively designed to accommodate physically and developmentally challenged children, youth, adults, the elderly and their caregivers in the Region of Peel.  My role as a Chef is to teach participants how to prepare simple and delicious meals using fresh produce from the garden.   Whole Foods (Square One), generously provides the venue and donates the ingredients for all my recipes.

A few weeks back, Goodlife Mississauga Magazine and SNAP North Mississauga visited one of my classes at Whole Foods.  You can find their stories and lots of pictures via the online articles links below.  I hope you get a chance to read about the work being done by the Enabling Garden Coordinator, the staff and volunteers (who clean up after I’ve been in the kitchen) at The Riverwood Conservancy, the generous donations of Whole Foods, and the wonderful folks who run and participate in the Next Steps to Active Living program.

Goodlife Mississauga Magazine article “From Garden to Kitchen”

SNAP North Mississauga article “Garden to Kitchen Workshop”

The Riverwood Conservancy Website