So we’ve all buckled down now for a fantastic 2014! It’s going to be an exciting year for Food Inspires and I’m sure for all of you! But before I finally say goodbye to a wonderful 2013, I had to post some pictures from our ice storm and the Christmas meal that almost wasn’t. Our neighborhood isn’t that old, but we had a few beautiful tall old trees on the streets and backyards of some homes which we lost due to the ice storm. It was truly the most beautiful and yet destructive force of nature I’ve ever seen in my 45 years in the city. One picture though does summarize the image of the silver lining. It is a red Cardinal in the tree outside my kitchen window. Truly a lucky shot – not perfect for the camera buffs out there, but good enough to capture the moment. Take a look!

I’m also including pictures of some of our Christmas meal that almost wasn’t. Just as we were planning on moving Christmas to my brothers place, the power came on. The scrambling around on the 24th to get ingredients was quite the adventure. But it all worked out and the family loved the food put before them. We did a plated dinner, not our usual buffet style. We also tried a different approach this year. Typically, we serve numerous hors d ‘oeuvres which tends to fill us all up, leaving sadly, little room for the main event – the Christmas dinner. So this year, my wife (smart woman) asked me to serve the Christmas lunch as soon as everyone arrived. Following this sit down plated meal, we then took a leisurely approach to the many hors d ‘oeuvres the family brought over. Friends and neighbors stopped by and enjoyed the food, music and games that followed. A much nicer approach to the meal and one I know we’ll continue into Christmas’ to come. I hope you like the pictures.

Winter - Evegreen
Winter - The Street
Winter - Table for 16 - Dec 2013
Winter - Salad
Winter - Beef Tenderloin, Turkey, Root Vegetables
Winter - Chocolate Tart and Berries