There is a product out on the market called the Bellini Kitchen Master (BKM).  Now while I’m not into having the latest in equipment for the sake of having it, this piece of equipment looked interesting enough that it would warrant a second look and maybe after reading great reviews, a purchase.  That’s the topic of this blog.  You see, if I can make this an interesting enough piece for the product, then I get the opportunity to “test-cook” i.e. use, review and possibly win, the Bellini Kitchen Master.  So first things first, what is the BKM, it slices, it dices … well kind of but actually more as it combines the functions of 8 appliances in 1.  It comes with everything you need to chop, knead, mince, blend, mix, fry, cook, steam and stew.  You can see and read more about it at this link –

So let me explain why I’m doing this.   As you know from reading my blog, I spent 1 year in 2 chef schools to learn (notice I said learn, you only master by making it over and over and over again) techniques for making fine French and Italian cuisine including sauces and Indian cuisine, as well as about baking breads and cakes.  Now I’m far from being an expert in these areas, but this machine can assist in making all these things and in a fraction of the time and effort I spent in school frantically whipping the egg yolks while I painstaking poured olive oil a drop at a time to get the perfect (in my eyes) Hollandaise Sauce.  The BKM recipe creators say they can make Hollandaise and Bearnaise sauce – as an example, in less than 5 minutes – wow.  Risotto and other rice dishes in a fraction of the time with no effort – although as a Chef, the effort is what makes the dish, but as a home cook, anything that quickens the time it takes me to put a meal on the table is a bonus.   And breads – the very soul of any baker.

So I’m fascinated to see how this works.  The recipes vary but include several Indian dishes (again, I spent a lot of time learning this from some very good Chef’s.  So I’d like to give it a try and see if I still need to brown my onions for 20 minutes to get the perfect lamb curry.  What about the mighty Tandoor oven?  Do I need one to achieve tender, juicy, lightly spiced Tandoori Chicken and Kebabs?  Well I will let you know if I get a chance to test the BKM.

But the sauces, now that is a definite goal.  The mother sauces – the premise of all great sauces.  I can see Chef Josh shaking his head in dismay.  In short, this piece of equipment will allow me to bring you some exciting new recipes using modernist techniques for cooking your favorite traditional meals but in much less time and less effort.

So wish me luck with this.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear back from the wonderful folks at Food Blogger Canada and the sponsor Bellini.