A very good customer had purchased a “Dinner for 4” package as the First Prize for a raffle item from me (Food Inspires).  It was for an event called the Parra Social an annual event attended by current and past generations of people from Parra.  Parra is a village in Northern Goa.  It is one of many villages that make up Goa.  Much like we have towns and villages in Ontario, this is one of many that make up Goa.  Now I’m not from Parra, but I know several people who are (my very good customer as an example) and even have some relatives who are – but my parents are not from that village.  The social was in honor of the Feast of St. Anne.  It was well attended with over 450 guests for the luncheon buffet/dance.  Music was provided by a wonderful band – The Waves, and boy did they keep the dance floor busy.

I hadn’t attended one of these Social’s in a very long time and as soon as I walked into the hall, it dawned on me that the Goan cultural movement is very much alive and well in Toronto.  Those like me who have abandoned – for no specific reason other than just too busy to partake in the events, their heritage would be delighted to learn this truth.  I met people – mostly friends of my parents and older siblings that immediately recognized the family resemblance embracing me in hugs and showering me with kisses – oh and yes I participated in both.  I hadn’t seen these folks in years, and some I only ever knew by face, but knew them as someone’s relative who mum, dad or a sibling knew.

But the most delightful part was seeing the younger generation at this event – again the renewed faith that the next generation would continue where those like me in my generation did not.  In any event, it was a great event and although I didn’t stay for all of it (previous commitments), I was glad I went.

The MC introduced me as the Chef that would prepare a gourmet dinner for 4 – the First Prize for the raffle.   I baked a cake as a teaser for the winners so they could anticipate what to expect.  It was a Yellow Cake – Vanilla flavored, with Italian Meringue Buttercream beneath a fondant layer – 4 layers in all filled with Rhubarb Compote Italian Meringue buttercream.  The fondant covering was pink with chocolate and vanilla flavored fondant cut outs.  Polka dots none the less.  No, I wasn’t trying to make a “Royal” statement, just a creative one to leave a lasting impression.  In any event, here’s a picture of the cake.  I hope they had as much fun eating it as I did making it.