No, not mine, not yet anyway.  My in-laws just celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. I was so busy making the cake for them I lost track of time. I now realize that when you see those cakes with all the detail, they truly are worth every penny you pay the Pastry Chef. Exhausting work, but in this case a reason near and dear to my heart. So here’s the picture of the cake. It’s a Yellow Cake filled with Mango and Apricot Vanilla Buttercream and sliced strawberries. It took six 10 x 10 cakes to make these 3 tiers. Through the magic of fondant, I was able to create a wonderfully smooth surface and the fondant ribbon and bow on top of the cake. Added a few embellishments, some gold leaf, silver dragees and there you have it – a 60th Wedding Anniversary cake.  This cake, along with the pastries the restaurant offered served 100 people.  Thank heavens 60 years doesn’t come around too often. My first attempt at this so I’m quite proud of it. Yes it’s a simple design, but Chef Torrens used to tell me, and I’m paraphrasing here – know when to stop.

Your probably wondering about the plaque wishing the happy couple – or should I say lack of a plaque and the makeshift one in the picture. Well, after spending 2 days creating the fondant plaque, letting it dry hard, decorating and writing the good wishes, it was left on the counter while I assembled my cake. I think all I need to say is – I have a dog – a Beagle to be exact, who loves to eat – anything, no I mean anything. So, much panic and only a few hours before the party and I ended up with this makeshift version – not even close to the perfection of my plaque (I say this only as in my eyes, it was). Yes I still have the Beagle.