Here’s a really simple nutritious and healthy salad with fresh and frozen vegetables. Great greenery and awesome taste.

2 cups Frozen Edamame (Green Soy Beans)
1 cup Frozen Green Peas
6 – 10 Asparagus – thin stalks, cut in 2″ pieces
1 Onion – rustic cut

1 part Balsamic Vinegar
3 parts Olive Oil
1 tsp Ground Cumin
2 tsps Paprika or Chili Powder (or a mix – you could even add some Cayenne to it, adjust to taste)
1/2 tsp Smoked Hungarian Paprika
Salt and Pepper

Cook the frozen vegetables as instructed. I put a pot of salted water on the boil, added the Edamame – cooked for 5 minutes, removed them, added the peas for about 2 minutes, then the asparagus for 1 minute – put the thicker stem ends in first, then add the tips in the last 10 – 15 seconds – and the onion for 1 minute more – one pot, 10 minutes of effort (give or take).

While the vegetables are cooking, make the dressing. Put all ingredients into a jar or bowl and shake or whisk together. I used one of those salad dressing bottles that have the markings on them (as well as vinaigrette recipes printed on the surface), hence the 1 part Vinegar and 3 part’s Oil measurement above. Taste the dressing, you should get some warmth from the back of your throat from the Paprika/Chili Powder, a nice smoky flavor from the Smoked Paprika and an earthy flavor from the Cumin. Season it with salt and pepper. Pour over the beans – taste, season and taste again. Let it sit for a couple of hours, stir occasionally so the dressing can meld with the flavors of the vegetable. I like it served at room temperature. As always – enjoy!

This goes very well with a Rice and Curry dish, or BBQ meats.