“Continuing as a volunteer serving on the boards of many charities over the
past three decades, I have participated my fair share of the same old boring
and unappetizing ‘eat and meet’ breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings.

So a couple of months back our board of directors were pleasantly surprised
and our taste buds were truly tantalized as we all dug into a wonderful, but
simple dinner prepared by the staff at Food Inspires.

Chef and owner, Chris, had catered a healthy and tasty dinner
and dropped it off at the office tower in downtown Toronto in time for our
six o’clock opening agenda. A crisp and zesty Caesar’s salad accompanied by
a tangy and cheesy lasagna served with garlic bread to suit both the
non-vegetarian and vegetarian (both meat and non-meat varieties available)
attendees delayed the start of our meeting as all of us ventured back to the
buffet for second helpings of everything.

Simply said, in my personal opinion, if you want a delicious, quality
catered meal that is sure to appeal to the most discernible pallet, then I
sincerely recommend that you give Chris at Food Inspires a try.
I guarantee you and your associates won’t be disappointed.”

— Doug Philpott, Toronto