Another soup recipe in the making for you.  I used Chicken Stock this time, same recipe for making the stock as last week except substitute equal amounts of Chicken for Turkey.  Make the stock the same way as you did for the Turkey Vegetable soup. You can also make this using a vegetable stock if you prefer. 

1 medium Cauliflower, break the branches into pieces
1 large Onion – rough chop
2 medium Carrots – rough chop
2 stalks Celery – rough chop
1/4 cup Olive Oil + 2 tblsp Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper to taste
4 – 6 cloves of Garlic – mashed
3/4 cup Canned San Marzano Tomatoes
7 – 8 cups Chicken Stock

Pre-heat the oven to 400f
Line a baking tray with foil
Add the above ingredients to the foil and toss with the Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper
Bake for 30 minutes until vegetables are caramelized – ovens vary so check at 20 minutes, toss lightly
continue until caramelized
Add two tablespoons of Olive Oil to the pot, transfer the vegetables to the pot while still warm, add the garlic – sauté
Add the Tomatoes and continue to stir – if you are using whole tomatoes, break them up with the back of your spoon (just don’t let the juices squirt out at you)
Add the stock into the pot – simmer for 20 minutes to meld the flavors together
Using an immersion blender, puree the vegetables with the soup – Please use caution with this, the liquid will be very hot and will burn skin upon contact. If you don’t have an immersion blender, use a conventional blender or food processor and puree it in batches – but only when the soup has cooled down.
Return the pot to the stove, simmer an additional 10 minutes – taste – season with salt and pepper.
As always – enjoy!

I always keep the rind of any hard cheese (Parmesan, Romano etc.) I buy so if you have some, cut it into pieces and throw it into the soup, just make sure it is clean and free of any paper labels. You could also add left over Chicken breast (into individual soup bowls) before serving if you like some meat with this soup.